Interior doors

Interior doors

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Rebated doors

In the rebated model, there is an indentation on the side edge that touches the frame. After closing, part of the sash is hidden in the frame, and the fragment protrudes and is visible in the form of a delicate protrusion (this is the rebate).

Non-rebated doors

Non-rebated doors do not have this tab, and when closed, the entire edge disappears into the frame. This gives the effect of one plane. Non-rebated interior doors fit perfectly into modern and minimalist interiors. They do not contain any unnecessary, visible elements, are valued for their simple form and simple design.

Interior doors
Interior doors
Interior doors

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Interior doors

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Internal doors are made of the highest quality materials with great care and attention to every detail. Interesting and rich design, hand-made, finishing, and the most modern solutions are the distinguishing features of our product.

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A variety of wood colors and perfectly selected accessories will make the doors from the offer perfect for any interior - modern, classic and loft.

If you have your design for interior doors or an idea for the appearance of the door, we are able to meet this challenge - your idea and professionalism will be one of a kind!

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