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Adezo Doors

ADEZO is a family company from Lesser Poland with 25 years of experience.
It is called a manufacture because there is production
fully automatic, the noble ones are still cared for here
carpentry traditions. Every detail is of great importance, it counts
the quality of each project. ADEZO brand products
it is not only a showcase of each house, but most of all
safety and the best workmanship.

Exclusive class


Adezo Doors

We create doors with a thickness of 92mm. A frame of this thickness is one of the thickest available on the market - strong, solid and for many years.

Adezo Doors

The heat transfer coefficient at the level of U = 0.79 W / m2k.

Adezo Doors

The warranty for each door is two years, while the varnish coat is covered by a 5-year warranty.

and functionality

Adezo Premium doors are doors for the most demanding customers.
Each external door is made by hand under the supervision of the best production employees with attention to the smallest detail.
HIDDEN HINGES are installed in our doors for aesthetics and functionality,
which, apart from aesthetic values, have greater functionality.
They are characterized by very high reliability, opening angle up to 180 degrees and the possibility of adjustment in 3 planes. The hinges are hidden in the masking band, which is flush with the door leaf, thanks to which we obtain the effect of one, flush surface.

Adezo Doors








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"Polish Joinery - the Leader of Innovation" 🍃EkoProdukt VIP🍃 Best Windows, Doors, Gates, Covers and our award 🏆🥇👍🙂 "

This one-of-a-kind program and its first edition, which took place during the 31st VIP Carpentry Convention at the castle in Gniew on February 24-25, 2022, was aimed at promoting and propagating the best ecological solutions. Ecological ones, i.e. those that are completely recyclable and are produced with an input of recyclable materials, and their use provides not only the comfort of use, but also the comfort of use and awareness.

“Who said that beautiful, stylish, made-to-measure wooden doors for homes and villas must be expensive?
They don't have to and the Adezo company proves it.

These doors are also about beauty and design.

It's something you can't get on the market just like that. "

Sounds proud, doesn’t it?

During the VI International Forum of VIP Carpentry, which took place in Mszczonów, we were appreciated at the Panorama Hotel and we received a great award in the form of a statuette for the STOCKHOLM door we made in the discovery category of 2021.


I started my activity on the market over 25 years ago in the Sądecki region, here in my home region in Wielopol. I had many paths to choose from, but at this point, where I am, I know that I chose the right path and that is why today I am fulfilling my clients’ dreams, and at the same time my clients inspire me. Today, we make premium products in a classic and modern version based on the needs of our consumers, and at the same time designed by high-class architects who do it professionally and add a touch of design. The ADEZO company proves that wooden doors can be durable, designer, and at the same time compatible with the smart home system. Open up and get to know the ADEZO brand door.

Adezo Doors

Adezo sp.z o.o. implements a project co-financed by European funds. Project title: design and implementation of large-format ceiling-mounted sliding doors. The aim of the project is, among others, diversification of activities and building a product brand. Co-financing of the project from the EU: PLN 903 350.00

We create custom-made wooden entrance doors according to any design, idea or inspiration.

Please contact us - we will write back and call you back as soon as possible.

Adezo Doors

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