We decided to collect in one place customer questions, which we most often answer in our daily work. We hope you will find it helpful. If you do not find answers to bothering issues here, please contact us.

ADEZO is a manufacturer of external wooden doors and conducts direct sales throughout the country. You can place an order online or directly at our headquarters, tel: 698 908 053 or 602 635 782, the address of our headquarters is: Wielopole 131 33-311 Wielogłowy.

The standard also includes custom-made doors. We are able to make a wing up to 3m high, without top lighting.

When should wooden exterior doors be installed?

Hidden hinges are a modern and slightly more expensive solution used in non-rebated doors. The hinges are hidden in a masking band that is flush with the door leaf. Thanks to this, we obtain the effect of one, flush surface. The sash itself also differs from the typical rebated sash used in the top hinge system. A non-rebated wing, as the name suggests, has no rebate – it is perfectly rectangular.

Surface hinges are a classic solution used in rebated doors based on visible pintle hinges, also adjustable in 4 planes.

Grubość każdych Naszych drzwi wyprodukowanych to 92mm.

The heat transfer coefficient is U = 0.79W / m2K.

Produkcja drzwi trwa od 6 tygodni do 8 tygodni w zależności od projektu drzwi.

The opening in the wall has three main dimensions – height, width and depth. We measure the height from the spout to the lintel. We measure at least three different points (the hole is never perfectly even) and take the smallest dimension as the final value. How to measure the width of the opening and its depth? Same as height. Width from wall to wall and depth is the thickness of the wall.

Yes of course. If the client wants a visualization, we do it as much as possible.

In the ADEZO brand, we make doors perfectly suited to the customer. All we need is inspiration. We are open to new, interesting projects and we are not afraid of challenges.

In the case of varnished external doors, we recommend the TEKNOS maintenance kit, which is included in our offer. The set includes a cleaning agent that removes dirt, a care agent that freshens up the varnish surface and a special oil for fittings. Lubrication of locks and hinges should take place once every 6 months.

The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase of the product shown on the sales invoice.

To the seller. ADEZO determines how to solve the problem. Therefore, the seller will also provide all information about the status of the complaint.